CCTE: Center for Career and Technical Education

Basic Eligibility

All students interested in attending the Center for Career and Technology Education must meet certain criterion in order to be eligible to attend.

  1. Students must have a minimum of 11.50 credits on a recommended graduation plan.
  2. Students must have a minimum of 10.50 credits on a minimum graduation plan.
  3. Students must be on cohort to graduate with their peers.

All students should participate in district preregistration process on their prospective home campuses. After the students have completed the registration process, the home campus counselor will confirm the student's College and Career Readiness Plan and the courses / program requested at CCTE. Home campus counselors will identify and convey the CCTE program requirements to the students and parents so that any necessary application requirements will be completed.

Dual-Credit Information

Dual-Credit Courses

Dual-Credit and Articulated courses are unique opportunities for students to participate in instructional environments taught at the collegiate level.

Articulation courses are high school courses that contain the same course content as an equivalent college course, and for which a post-secondary institution has agreed to award college credit if the student meets requirements as outlined in the course articulation analysis. Most articulation courses require the student to maintain and complete the course with an 85 or better.

In order for a student to receive Dual Credit (High School Credit and College Credit), they must meet the entrance requirements set forth by the Higher Education Board and El Paso Community College (EPCC). The student must also be enrolled in the CCTE course and the EPCC course simultaneously.

Programs/Courses Offered

  • Architectural Design (9 hours)
  • Automotive Technology - Diesel (6 hours)
  • Culinary Arts (9 hours)
  • Electrical Technology (12 hours)
  • Health Science Technology - Emergency Medical Technician (6 hours)
  • Graphic Design (6 hours)
  • Health Science Technology (6 hours)
  • Homeland Security (9 hours)
  • Metal Trades (Welding) (12 hours)

Dual-Credit Application Process

  1. Register with EPISD home campus for Dual-Credit Course of Interest
  2. Qualifying Test Scores (must have one of the six)
  3. Download, complete, and sign the Early Admissions Form. Then:
    • Fax it to CCTE at (915) 544-5976, attn: Dual Credit Counselor / Administrator
    • E-Mail the PDF to CCTE at

Additional EPCC Resources

  • EPCC Dual Credit Handbook: PDF
  • EPCC Dual Credit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): FAQ